9 Packing Tips for a Successful Bleisure Trip

9 Packing Tips for a Successful Bleisure Trip

Bleisure travel is the future of the industry. It’s the next iteration of business travel, with employees combining personal travel with corporate trips. These trips typically include an extended personal “leisure” portion at the end; however, some travelers may combine work and play throughout their trip. Bleisure travel isn’t just for CEOs and freelancers. It’s becoming increasingly popular for employees across the board. 

It’s one of the main trends to come from post-pandemic travel, with flexible working changing the way we approach corporate travel. Employees are using business travel as an opportunity to visit destinations more affordably, with their companies paying for their flights and covering the cost of the business portion of their trip. 

Bleisure travel doesn’t have to make packing complicated. Planning your trip in advance and using our bleisure packing tips will give you the flexibility you need to enjoy every part of your trip. 

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Why it’s important to plan your bleisure trip in advance

Bleisure travel is a new segment within the industry as employees embrace the potential of remote work and business travel post-pandemic. Airlines are considering bleisure travel to be “the new normal” due to the flexibility that hybrid and remote working offers.  

Planning in advance is crucial if you’re considering a bleisure trip. Most employees will choose to add a “leisure” portion onto business travel when going on international trips or visiting bucket list destinations. Bleisure travel is an ideal way to visit these destinations more affordably, with employees only paying for the personal portion of their trip. 

Try to avoid major holidays to keep your bleisure travel affordable and consider domestic holidays in the country you’re visiting.

If you’re planning to work remotely during your bleisure trip, you’ll need to choose a hotel with amenities that meet the needs of both sides of your trip. You can get the most out of your bleisure travel by planning ahead, including creating an itinerary and scheduling the leisure portion of your trip over a weekend to maximize your paid time off.

9 Packing tips for bleisure travel

Before you can start planning your bleisure travel itinerary, you need to think about packing. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and as if you’re packing for two different trips. Versatility and using the right packing tools are crucial to packing for bleisure travel. 

You’ll want to consider the itinerary for both the business and leisure parts of your trip and check the weather in your destination before you start traveling. You may have to pack into a carry-on case unless your company gives you the option to add a larger suitcase for your bleisure travel itinerary.

Follow these 9 tips to pack your suitcase for your next bleisure trip:

1. Pack intentionally and embrace minimalism 

It’s easy to fall into the trap of overpacking when you’re planning for a bleisure trip. Most people think they have to pack for two entirely different trips, but you want to pack minimally and intentionally. 

You’re likely visiting the same destination for both parts of your trip and can wear some of the same clothing throughout your trip. Writing out an itinerary before you pack will help you avoid packing anything unnecessary. You can always buy extra clothing at your destination if something unexpected pops up. 

2. Don’t forget your business essentials

Packing for a business trip requires a few extras you might usually leave at home during leisure travel. Write a separate packing list for all your business essentials, such as laptops, headphones, marketing materials, and external hard drives. These work-specific items should be packed in your carry-on.

3. Choose versatile clothing

Versatility is the secret to successful bleisure packing. Choose clothing that serves a dual purpose and that you can wear throughout your trip. Prioritize stylish and lightweight pieces you can mix and match to create different outfits. 

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Neutrals are the easiest to style, or you can choose items you frequently rotate in your closet. You can make travel a little easier by choosing wrinkle-free fabrics to save you from having to iron your clothes at your destination. 

4. Business casual shoes

Shoes are one of the most difficult things to choose when packing. They take up the most space in your suitcase. Your itinerary should help you decide what shoes you need, especially if you’re planning activities like hiking or visiting the beach during the leisure portion of your trip. 

Choose at least one pair of shoes you can wear throughout your trip that offer support and look stylish. White sneakers, loafers, and ballet flats are versatile options. 

5. Stay connected on the go

You’ll need to stay connected throughout your trip, especially if you’re planning to work remotely during the leisure portion of your travels. Invest in a portable charger to let you work on the go without worrying about searching for a café with a charging port.

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If you’re traveling internationally, check if you need to buy an international SIM card or if your phone provider supports international roaming. 

 6. Pack layers for all weather conditions

Layers are the key to bleisure packing, regardless of what time of year you’re traveling. Packing layers makes it easier to mix and match different pieces, and you’ll be ready for any weather conditions. Thicker clothing, like a bulky sweater, will take up more space in your suitcase. Lightweight layers, like a fleece jacket or cardigan, will need less space and keep you warm if the temperatures drop. 

7. Choose business outfits first

Prioritize your business outfits when packing, especially if there’s a strict dress code that you must follow. If you’re visiting an international office or attending a conference, you might need to pack specific clothing for the business portion of your trip. 

Choose your business outfits first. Consider how you can make them more casual and pick the rest of your clothing accordingly. Pack classic and neutral pieces you can dress up or down with the right accessories, such as white shirts or a black dress. 

8. The right luggage matters

Having the right luggage is important when packing for bleisure travel. Your company will likely be covering the cost of your flights, including your luggage. Most company travel policies allow for only a carry-on case. Speak to your corporate travel agent if you want to add an additional checked suitcase.

Seasoned business travelers will likely be able to pack everything they need into a carry-on. Look for luggage designed to maximize space with features like an interior compression system. Additional features like spinner wheels and a hard-shell design will make your suitcase easier to travel with, especially if you’re taking additional transport, such as a train when you arrive at your destination. 

9. Maximize space with packing cubes

Use every inch of space in your suitcase by using packing cubes for your bleisure trip. It’s an easy way to organize your items and compress your clothing to help you fit extra items into your luggage without becoming too bulky. Packing cubes also help you unpack quickly once you arrive at your destination as each cube is designed to fit certain pieces, such as underwear or shirts. 

Once you’ve laid your clothing out, using your itinerary to decide what you need, place everything into categorized packing cubes. It’ll give you an instant overview of what you’re packing and make it easier to find what you need when you arrive at your destination. 

Using Roundtrip to plan your next bleisure trip

Roundtrip has everything you need to book bleisure travel on one website, streamlining the process from booking flights to filing expenses. Booking bleisure travel has even been easier, whether you’re rewarding employee performance or allowing employees to extend their trip if they’re traveling for a conference.  

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Book affordable business travel with Roundtrip

Bleisure trips are the future of corporate travel as employees embrace the benefits of remote and hybrid working, expanding their horizons by adding leisure travel onto business trips. Roundtrip makes bleisure travel affordable by putting everything on one integrated platform. Get started with Roundtrip today to access the best rates on 2.5 million hotels, transfers, car rentals, and airline tickets with employee profiles and downloadable invoices.

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