Travel Made Simpler with Automatic Refunds

Travel Made Simpler with Automatic Refunds

At Roundtrip, we’re excited to introduce our new automatic ticket refund feature — without contacting the support team. 

With automatic air ticket returns, you’re more in control of your bookings, and our specialists have more time to resolve complex queries — enhancing faster, more efficient support for all our customers.

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Stressful and time-consuming cancellation process? You now have a superpower for that! You can cancel purchased air tickets in just a few clicks, and the refund will be processed automatically. This saves you time by eliminating the need to submit a request and wait for a response from the support team.

Seamless process for automatic refunds

Here’s a quick guide to reclaim your time:

  • Navigate to the “Orders” tab in the “Air tickets” section.
  • Find the ticket you wish to cancel and click “Refund the ticket”.
  • If available, select “Automatic refund of all tickets”.
    Please review the refund amount carefully, as it might be adjusted due to supplier penalties.
  • Click “Refund the ticket”, and the refund will be processed automatically to your original payment method.

Unfortunately, for technical reasons, not all suppliers can issue automatic returns.

We left a return method through our support service

While the automatic cancellation feature covers many air tickets, there are still scenarios where it might not apply.

In cases where:

  • The automatic air ticket refund is not available for your order.
  • The refund amount does not meet your expectations due to penalties.
  • You need to return a single ticket from a multi-ticket purchase (automatic refunds apply to the entire order).

You should select the “Send request to the Support Team” method. This process has become significantly faster thanks to the automation of other requests.

What this means for our partners

This enhancement is part of our broader mission to reduce the stress of travel management, giving you the freedom to focus on what’s truly important — your business.

We have simplified business travel so much that only teleportation would be easier. Whether you’re taking advantage of our new automatic cancellation or using the traditional support method, you’ll experience a faster and more efficient service. 

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