5 Types of Business Trips You Need to Try For Yourself

5 Types of Business Trips You Need to Try For Yourself

There’s no time like the present, but it’s clear to see that 2024 is the year to try a new approach to your business trips. Corporate travel is a rapidly changing landscape, and experts in the field project 2024 to be the year that corporate travel expands its horizons. 

In this article, we’ll highlight the different types of business trips you or your team can go on to maximize the fun, relaxation, and overall experience of your business trips.

Whether you’re traveling with a team or flying solo, these are five exciting types of business trips that you need to try for yourself. 

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1. An International Trip

For a great period of time, international trips weren’t on anyone’s radar due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Countries closed their borders, and businesses went remote, but in recent years, the desire to travel internationally has since seen a massive resurgence. In fact, according to Statista, 84% of respondents stated that their travel habits would change in a post-COVID environment.

Post-pandemic, international travel rebounds, igniting opportunities and expanding horizons for global business.
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The travel industry is already seeing a reflection of this change, and business travel is projected to surpass pre-pandemic levels in the year 2024. The Global Business Travel Association projects that worldwide business travel will see an estimated 1.4 trillion US dollars spent in 2024, an increase of 200 billion dollars in spending from 2023. 

An international business trip has many benefits for individuals and teams alike. For one, international travel helps to broaden one’s horizons, outlook, and personal growth and development. Additionally, business trips abroad can help companies to form new connections and partnerships and to promote operations and network on an international level. 

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2. A Bleisure Work Vacation

You might have heard of bleisure before as just a simple fad, but this trending business word is trending for a reason. In fact, bleisure seems to have been a concept even prior to 2019, as Forbes points out. Bleisure, or the blending of business and leisure, is becoming a real need in the private sector for employees, especially those who spend a great deal of time working from home.

Leisure: where business meets leisure, transforming trips into a harmonious blend of productivity and exploration.
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Bleisure trips are those that feature the best of both worlds with work and vacation, and travelers can look for opportunities to mix the two. Consider planning an itinerary that allows for time for work and play. Add extra time to a trip for a conference, or be sure to include time for rest and recuperation in between stressful meetings or busy work days. 

For solo travelers, a business trip could turn into a bleisure trip by including a day off for exploring the city or visiting a spa. For a team, a joint venture to a museum or the beach could be a great way to add team building to an existing work trip.

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Another way to plan the perfect bleisure trip is to choose hotels that lend themselves to a restful work trip. Look for hotels that offer additional perks to their guests apart from meeting rooms and workspace, such as spa extras, a great pool, or even a superior view of the city and surrounding area.

Roundtrip partners with 2.2 million hotels in 220 countries and can help point you to a great hotel for a bleisure trip wherever you are planning on going.

3. A Wellness-Focused Trip

It is no secret that burnout is a financial ruin for the corporate world. Every year, companies lose some of their most talented employees to the plague that is burnout. But how can burnout be avoided? Research shows that one of the best ways to circumvent burnout is to incorporate rest and relaxation into one’s routine on a regular basis. 

Escape and rejuvenate with wellness travel, a remedy for corporate burnout, blending relaxation with nature’s serene bounty.
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Companies and individuals alike can do so by planning rest time. Wellness-focused trips come with the goal of resting and recharging. It’s easy to get caught up in a busy schedule, so putting a wellness-focused trip on the calendar is a great way to incorporate wellness into your year. 

Wellness trips are also becoming increasingly popular, even warranting the use of the term wellness tourism.

The Global Wellness Institute refers to wellness trips as doing proactive things to “maintain a healthy lifestyle, reduce stress, prevent disease, and enhance our well-being.” 

Your wellness-focused trip doesn’t have to be a “closed laptop” sort of trip, but it should be one that has a heavy focus on taking a well-deserved break. On a wellness trip, solo and group travelers can make plans to visit yoga retreats, saunas, wellness boot camps, hiking or camping retreats, hot springs, or even thermal resorts. The sky is the limit when it comes to the healing practices and traditions that the world has to offer. 

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Those interested in planning a wellness trip for yourself or your team can use Roundtrip’s services and assistance in booking airline tickets, rental cars, and hotels near destination spas and other wellness activities.

Roundtrip’s 24/7 multilingual support can also help in the event that you have any questions while booking your trip, and they are prepared to help you should you have any issues that arise during your trip.

4. An Incentive Trip

There is no better feeling than reaching a goal and seeing your reward for it. You’ve spent all year working toward meeting goals, crushing quotas, and working as a team. So, why not consider planning an incentive trip for yourself or your team? 

An incentive trip could be anything from a typical business trip to a bleisure trip or a purely wellness-focused trip, but most importantly, it is a trip that is attached to meeting a goal or a quota

A team or individual then works toward that goal in order to earn the trip, making for some competitive fun.

Triumph and camaraderie at work culminate in the joy of incentive trips, turning goals into memorable adventures.
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Incentives in the workplace for teams have been proven to help boost morale and encourage better performance. In fact, Harvard Business Review found that recognition that isn’t monetary has a big impact on employee morale and performance. While financial rewards are also appreciated by employees, tangible rewards have a big impact. 

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Incentive trips are usually time-sensitive, but Roundtrip can easily help you navigate booking with its wide range of inventory. Additionally, solo travelers can benefit from FIT booking to make sure your itinerary is the perfect reward for meeting your goals.

5. A Company Retreat

Finally, why not consider a company retreat? Company retreats are a great way to include everyone, promote team-building and bonding between coworkers, and provide an opportunity for a break from the daily grind of work. Corporate retreats are also big motivators, according to research.

A study performed by Quantum Workplace found that “91% of employees who attended corporate retreats felt more motivated.” These benefits are also great for remote or hybrid workers who often feel removed from their peers 

Company retreats spark excitement, encourage innovation, improve company culture, and help to combat loneliness. These benefits can be a boon for a company and quickly become a perk for working for a company that regularly holds company retreats. 

Company retreats, transcending the office to forge unity and reignite motivation amidst nature’s inspiring backdrop.
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One fun aspect of company retreats is that they can be completely customized to your company culture. Whether your group is large or small, attend a conference together or get out in the wilderness. Plan a trip that caters to the needs of your group, brings people together, and finds the beauty in taking a step out of the office together. 

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Company retreats can be tricky to plan, but Roundtrip makes planning a company retreat simpler, with downloadable invoices and reports to make sure that you’re sticking to your budget and every expense is accounted for. Additionally, Roundtrip’s personal account manager can help you perfect every detail of your trip, no matter how complicated. 

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By taking one of these exciting types of business trips, you or your team will be able to enjoy the benefits of work-related travel better than before. Find inspiration in international travel or encourage better productivity by avoiding burnout with bleisure. In 2024, what type of trip do you plan on taking?

Regardless of where you choose to travel, simplify your next business trip with Roundtrip.

Roundtrip can help you effortlessly plan your next business trip with its seamless services. With Roundtrip, you can book flights and hotels and stay organized all through one inclusive platform. 

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